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Kenny Kingston - Questions

Your questions about the psychic world 

Dear Kenny:
I’ve heard the term “psychic” and the term “medium” but what’s the difference between the two?
Kenny: A psychic can tell you about your past, present and future. They may do this by reading an aura, listening to your voice, reading tarot cards or simply by looking at you and seeing symbols that give them information and answers to your questions. A medium communicates with the other side; in other words, they contact spirits.  They see, hear and feel those spirits and are able to relay messages from them to people here on Earth.  A good medium will also tell you about your past, present and future and give you guidance and advice. The information is coming from the spirit world.  Mediums receive information
directly from loved ones or guides of the person they’re giving a reading to.
Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums should be capable of being psychics.
I was born a psychic and a medium and I always say that I have the best of both worlds.
In my opinion, making contact with a spirit is only the beginning – the tip of the iceberg.  Spirits want to help us.  They want to do more than just make their presence known.  They want to answer questions and give information to their loved ones.  I feel that mediums who stop when they make contact with a spirit are
not satisfying the spirit’s desire to aid, comfort and guide their loved ones on Earth. And of course we on Earth should be desirous of all the loving advice we can receive from our loved ones.  They are oftentimes in a better position now, in spirit, to know what is best for us and what lies ahead for us than they ever were before.

Dear Kenny:
I’ve heard that you are a spiritualist – can you explain?
Again, this refers to communicating with spirits.  Spiritualism is a religion and a philosophy that has existed for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.  It refers to the belief and practice of communicating with the other side to receive information. It provides confirmation of a spirit’s existence, guidance for today’s problems and perhaps also spiritual healing.
Spiritualist churches exist throughout the world. People gather to say prayers, positive affirmations, listen to lectures and receive messages form spirits.  I have been a spiritualist minister for more than 30 years.

Dear Kenny:
I wonder if there is an animal heaven?  Will I see my animals when I pass away, and can they visit me in spirit in the meantime?
Yes, Sweet Spirit, I definitely believe that there is an animal heaven. The spirits of our dogs, cats, horses and other animals are on the other side just as definitely as our as our human loved ones and friends.
I hold séances regularly and we have had many cases of beloved animals coming in in spirit to visit their “humans.” It’s not unusual for people to ask during a private reading with me if their pet is safe and happy on the other side.
Clients have also told me of experiences they’ve had where they see, feel or hear their pet in spirit. Listen for a “meow”, a bark, or pay attention to a light brush against your leg.  It just might be your pet paying you a visit.
Regarding animal heaven, I believe there are people on the other side who loved animals when they were on Earth and now serve a beautiful purpose taking care of our pets in spirit until we are reunited with them.

Dear Kenny:
Is there any problem if I make an appointment for a psychic reading and then change my mind or have to cancel?  I don’t want to make the spirits angry.
I can’t speak for other psychic/mediums, but I have rarely had people cancel an appointment with me. But I will say this:  when an appointment is made, I immediately begin to meditate on that client’s name in the hope of bringing in spirits ahead of time to give me information for the reading.
When you change or cancel an appointment, it’s only natural that the spirits would be, not “angry”, but disappointed or confused.  They’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to prepare information or messages to give to you and have been looking forward to the
opportunity to communicate with you. So it is not a happy time for the spirit and it may take some time before they trust enough to make contact again.
I suggest that you not make an appointment unless you feel certain that you want to make spirit contact and receive psychic information. Be sure that it is comfortable for you spiritually, financially and emotionally.
Naturally, emergencies arise and cannot always be helped.  But if it is just a matter of your not being sure you want a reading, please do not make an appointment to begin with.  IF, on the other hand, you feel that you REALLY NEED information NOW,  then do not hesitate to make an appointment, because this may be your spirit guides nudging you to seek advice and have a rendezvous with them.


Do you have a question about the psychic world that you’d like to have Kenny answer Here?  Send us an e-mail and then check back at this web site.             


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